Happy Birthday Kang Minhyuk

cr : baidu

“Men are like wine they get better with age like fine wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”Pope John XXIII

1. Softhearted

“When CNBLUE was asked which member cries most often, everyone pointed out in unison that Kang Min Hyuk does. They said that when most people accidentally kick a table leg, one would hold their foot and complain about the pain. However, Kang Min Hyuk would immediately climb onto his bed, complaining about the pain while crying. Kang Min Hyuk promptly refuted, clarifying that it’s not that he likes to cry, it’s just that tears will flow out unconsciously.”

Minhyuk isn’t a cry baby as joked about by his bandmates. he’s only a bit sentimental and has a soft heart. 0^,^0

2.  Cool and Natural Fashionista

MinHyuk likes the natural style and loves wearing hats for…

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